Indicator Brand

Welcome to Indicator Capital Brand & Marketing page.
For full brand guidelines please see Indicator Capital Brand Guidelines.

When promoting Indicator in marketing communications, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions, please follow these guidelines.

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Indicator's wordmark is crafted using a bespoke, modular typeface meticulously designed to balance modernity with timelessness. Our logomark is created combining the letter "i" from "indicator" with the command symbol "/", and symbolizes the ability to execute any task at a command. It conveys dynamic ascent and represents a rocket launch platform.


The logomark needs a clear margin to avoid visual clutter from adjacent graphics or page edges. Here are the minimum spacings for the logomark and wordmark.

Logo Dont's

‍Here are some things you should never do with the indicator logomark:
1. Don't add shadows behind the logo
2. Don't add outlines to the logo
3. Don't stretch the logo
4. Don't apply logo in low resolution
5. Don't use logo as a frame for imagery
6. Don't place on low contrast colors

Logomark Versions

Our logomark comes in two versions: light and dark. The light version is intended for use on dark backgrounds, while the dark version is designed for light backgrounds.